At JunkMan, we base our junk removal pricing on how much of our 14 ¼ cubic yard truck (dimensions 12x8x4) your junk will fill up.  You can use the tool below as a visual guide; keep in mind that your specific junk removal price will be based on dividing the truck into smaller increments (1/12’s) than are listed below.  Prices include all labor, loading, and disposal fees.  There are no hidden fees; however, there are instances with very heavy material (concrete, landscape rocks, etc.) where additional surcharges could apply.  For your convenience an exact price will be given at the time of trash removal service prior to starting your job.

JunkMan is happy to take and responsibly dispose of your old computer monitors or TVs as part of your trash removal service.  However, there is a $30 surcharge in addition to the volume pricing for each TV or monitor.

We are also happy to dispose of any old tires as part of your trash removal service. In addition to the volume pricing there is a surcharge of $10 per tire.   

Hot tub/spa removals start at $350. 

Click below to get an idea of the load size and price.

Junk 1qtr Junk Half Junk 3qtr Junk Full