How much does it cost?

A. The cost is determined by the volume of junk removed. You can visit our pricing page for our cost guideline. An estimate specific to you will be given at the time of service prior to any junk being removed. Some exceptions to the volume pricing would be exceptionally heavy material like concrete or landscape rocks, or junk that is in a difficult to reach location.

How does it work?

A. The service is designed to be hassle free. You’ll schedule a two hour service window on a day of your choosing. Your JunkMan representative will call you 20 minutes prior to arrival. Once at the location the JunkMan will take a look at your junk and give you the upfront cost. After that you simply point to what you’d like removed. You Point, We lift. You relax, We Remove.

What do you take?

A. We are happy to remove virtually anything that can be lifted and that will fit into our truck. The exceptions are any hazardous materials or containers. Some examples of common items that we remove are old appliances, electronics, furniture, yard waste, and storage boxes.

JunkMan cannot accept any hazardous materials, including:
- Chemicals
- Pesticides
- Oil, any container
- Paint
- Solvents

Where does my junk go?

A. At JunkMan we take great care to responsibly dispose of your junk. We recycle, reuse, or donate up to 60% of the junk that we remove. We operate out of a commercial warehouse location where we are able to sort the junk accordingly. Only then do we visit the landfill.

Are you a local company?

A. JunkMan is 100% locally owned and operated. Our mission is to provide the professional service of a large company while maintaining the friendly local value of a smaller organization. Your dollars will stay right here in Southern Nevada.